Tipo de Publicación Añoordenação descendente Pais Coordinador
Automatic Detection of Knives in Complex Scenes. Moran, Maira, Aura Conci, and Ángel Sánchez. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Multi-Gateway Designation for Real-Time TSCH Networks using Spectral Clustering and Centrality Artículos 2022 Chile
Bonferroni Weighted Logarithmic Averaging Distance Operator Applied to Investment Selection Decision Making Artículos 2022 Colombia
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Integrated In Silico Analyses Identify PUF60 and SF3A3 as New Spliceosome-Related Breast Cancer RNA-Binding Proteins Artículos 2022 Chile
Measurements, Predictions, and Control in Microgrids and Power Electronic Systems Artículos 2023 Chile
Moving Microgrid Hierarchical Control to an SDN-Based Kubernetes Cluster: A Framework for Reliable and Flexible Energy Distribution Artículos 2023 Chile
Integración y Análisis de pequeñas turbinas eólicas en entornos urbanos Libros 2023 España
A Predictive Control Scheme for a Single-Phase Grid-Supporting Quasi-Z-Source Inverter and its Integration with a Frequency Support Strategy Artículos 2023 Chile
Catálogo de microalgas y cianobacterias (Ecuador)-1 Manuales 2023 España
Cálculo del potencial geotérmico somero a escala regional mediante herramientas de geoprocesamiento SIG Entregables Red 2023 Argentina
Estimation of heating system energy modeling profiles based on environmental monitoring records in Central-Southern Chile Artículos 2023 Chile
Catálogo de microalgas y cianobacterias (Ecuador)-2 Manuales 2023 España
Palynology and mycology as biological evidence in a homicide case Artículos 2023 Argentina
An innovative approach to assess the limitations of characterizing solar gains in buildings: a Spanish case study Artículos 2023 España