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Domestic hot water consumption prediction models suited for dwellings in central-southern parts of Chile (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352710222000377) Artículos 2022 Chile
Towards a more efficient Hydrothermal Carbonization: Processing water recirculation under different conditions Artículos 2021 España
Improving the performance of solar membrane distillation processes for treating high salinity feeds: A process control approach for cleaner production Artículos 2022 España
A nonlinear control approach for hybrid solar thermal plants based on operational conditions Artículos 2022 España
A stabilizing predictive controller with implicit feedforward compensation for stable and time-delayed systems Artículos 2022 España
A review from design to control of solar systems for supplying heat in industrial process applications Artículos 2022 España
Demand-Side Optimal Sizing of a Solar Energy–Biomass Hybrid System for Isolated Greenhouse Environments: Methodology and Application Example Artículos 2021 España
Optimal Management of a Microgrid with Radiation and Wind-Speed Forecasting: A Case Study Applied to a Bioclimatic Building Artículos 2021 España
Towards Optimal Management in Microgrids: An Overview Artículos 2021 España
Review of Polygeneration Schemes with Solar Cooling Technologies and Potential Industrial Applications Artículos 2021 España
Modeling and Hourly Time-Scale Characterization of the Main Energy Parameters of Parabolic-Trough Solar Thermal Power Plants Using a Simplified Quasi-Dynamic Model Artículos 2021 España
Clase 29. Cierre del Curso CYTED-Felix Garcia-Ochoa- 4 NOV 2021 Entregables Red 2021 España
Clase 28. Iberoamerica-Europa-CYTED-Alberto Majo- 4 NOV 2021 Entregables Red 2021 España
Clase 27. Objetivos Desarrollo Sostenible-Fernando Fermoso-4 NOV 2021-reducido Entregables Red 2021 España
Clase 26. Patentes en Biotecnología-José L Garcia-28 OCT 2021 Entregables Red 2021 España