Tipo de Publicación Añoorden descendente Pais Coordinador
Clase 2019. Ampliación de residuos cárnicos. Soledad Gutiérrez (URM, Uruguay) 18 octubre 2021 Entregables Red 2021 España
The story of a homicide: The location, exhumation, and multidisciplinary analysis of a clandestine burial Artículos 2021 Argentina
Special Issue on Autonomous Driving and Driver Assistance Systems, Santos V., Sappa A., Oliveira M. and de la Escalera A. Artículos 2021 Ecuador
Review of Polygeneration Schemes with Solar Cooling Technologies and Potential Industrial Applications Artículos 2021 España
IIBCE-Phytoplant 2 Artículos 2021 España
Munoz et al.(2021). Physicochemical and functional properties of soluble fiber extracted from... Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, DOI:10.1016/j.jfca.2021.104138 Artículos 2021 Chile
A case-control study of a combination of single nucleotide polymorphisms and clinical parameters to predict clinically relevant toxicity associated with fluoropyrimidine and platin Artículos 2021 Chile
Identifcation of key proteins in the signaling crossroads between wound healing and cancer hallmark phenotypes Artículos 2021 Chile
A New Insight for the Identification of Oncogenic Variants in Breast and Prostate Cancers in Diverse Human Populations, With a Focus on Latinos Artículos 2021 Chile
Clase 7. Valorización de biomasa por métodos biológicos. Etapas Juan C. Villar (INIA-CSIC, España) 23 de septiembre 2021 Entregables Red 2021 España
Clase 22a. Valorización residuos de piña en Costa Rica-Alicia Hernández (UCR, Costa Rica) 21octubre 2021 Entregables Red 2021 España
“Damnatio Memoria or Damnatio Consensus. Conflicting Colonial Heritage in Latin American Port Cities. A Project in Motion: CoopMar—Transoceanic Cooperation, Public Policies and Ib Libros 2021 Portugal
Assessing optical remote sensing for grave detection Artículos 2021 Mexico
SDN-Based Architecture for Transport and Application Layer DDoS Attack Detection by Using Machine and Deep Learning Artículos 2021 Colombia