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UHPLC–MS Characterization, and Antioxidant and Nutritional Analysis of Cocoa Waste Flours from the Peruvian Amazon Artículos 2022 Perú
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Trabajos de investigación 2019 Entregables Red 2020 España
Towards security automation in Software Defined Networks Artículos 2022 Colombia
Towards Optimal Management in Microgrids: An Overview Artículos 2021 España
Towards a more efficient Hydrothermal Carbonization: Processing water recirculation under different conditions Artículos 2021 España
Towards a 5G compliant and flexible connected manufacturing facility Artículos 2018 Colombia
The use of fungi in forensic science, a brief overview. Artículos 2021 Argentina
The taphonomic effects comparison in two empty space burial structures Artículos 2016 España
The story of a homicide: The location, exhumation, and multidisciplinary analysis of a clandestine burial Artículos 2021 Argentina
The Effect of Using Ethanol-Gasoline Blends on the Mechanical, Energy and Environmental Performance of In-Use Vehicles Artículos 2018 Mexico