The CYTED Forums are meetings between entrepreneurs and Ibero-American researchers in order to address specialized issues related to a specific technology sector. The aim is to stimulate innovation projects, as well as transfer and technological cooperation.

Its objectives are to:

  • Galvanise the incorporation of knowledge into the private and public sectors of Ibero-American countries.
  • Encourage the generation of innovation, transfer and technological cooperation projects, as well as attract national and international funding.
  • Enable and sponsor the sustainability of projects, collaborations and interactions previously established, particularly those financed by CYTED.



Applicants can be entities or institutions of public or private nature, and their proposals must meet all the requirements delineated in the CONDITIONS OF THE CALL.

Applicants must provide additional funds to the CYTED contribution for the realization of the Forums.

The financing of CYTED, up to a maximum of 10.000 euros, includes travel and accommodation expenses only for representatives of Ibero-American corporations, excluding those of the host country.

The proposals will be evaluated by a committee of experts and approved by the General Secretariat. The announcement of the results to those responsible for the proposals will be done via email.



  • Participation in various sectors, particularly in the business sector
  • Financing and participation of corporations from the host country
  • Guarantee of the visibility of the event
  • Approval by the representative body of the host country in the CYTED Programme
  • Assistance of business representatives from at least three countries distinct from the organizer

The celebration of the Forums will take place before the 30th of November of each year.
The Forums will be held in the same year as the current call.

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