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Soil Fungi: Their Potential use as a Forensic Tool* Artículos 2014 Argentina
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Assessment on the natural sources of particulate matter on the opencast mines air quality Artículos 2014 Mexico
Aircraft maintenance, routing, and crew scheduling planning for airlines with a single fleet and a single maintenance and crew base Artículos 2014 Mexico
Metodología para minimizar el consumo de combustible en autobuses, que sirven rutas fijas, mediante la reconfiguración del tren motriz Artículos 2016 Mexico
An experimental and numerical study of air pollution near unpaved roads Artículos 2019 Mexico
Método basado en el consumo de combustible para la construcción de ciclos de conducción que representen patrones locales de manejo. Artículos 2018 Mexico
Eco-driving key factors that influence fuel consumption in heavy-truck fleets: A Colombian case Artículos 2017 Mexico
A new methodology to determine typical driving cycles for the design of vehicles power trains Artículos 2017 Mexico
The Effect of Using Ethanol-Gasoline Blends on the Mechanical, Energy and Environmental Performance of In-Use Vehicles Artículos 2018 Mexico
Mycobiota associated with human cadavers: First record in Argentina Artículos 2018 Argentina