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A review from design to control of solar systems for supplying heat in industrial process applications Artículos 2022 España
A stabilizing predictive controller with implicit feedforward compensation for stable and time-delayed systems Artículos 2022 España
A nonlinear control approach for hybrid solar thermal plants based on operational conditions Artículos 2022 España
Improving the performance of solar membrane distillation processes for treating high salinity feeds: A process control approach for cleaner production Artículos 2022 España
Towards a more efficient Hydrothermal Carbonization: Processing water recirculation under different conditions Artículos 2021 España
Building a Gold Standard Dataset to Identify Articles About Geographic Information Science Artículos 2022 Uruguay
A scoping review on the use, processing and fusion of geographic data in virtual assistants Artículos 2021 España
Semantic conflation in GIScience: a systematic review Artículos 2021 Mexico
IDEAIS: Smart Voice Assistants to Improve Interaction with SDIs Artículos 2019 España
Space-efficient representations of raster time series Artículos 2020 España
Compact Representation of Spatial Hierarchies and Topological Relationships Artículos 2021 Chile
A bibliometric analysis of off-line handwritten document analysis literature (1990-2020). Ruiz-Parrado, V., Heradio, R., Aranda-Escolastico, E., Sánchez, Á., & Vélez, J. F. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Solid Waste Analysis Using Open-Access Socio-Economic Data. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Class-Balanced Active Learning for Image Classification. Bengar, J. Z., van de Weijer, J., Fuentes, L. L., & Raducanu, B. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Deep Layout Extraction Applied to Historical Postcards. García, B., Moreno, B., Vélez, J. F., & Sánchez, Á. Artículos 2022 Ecuador