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SARS-CoV-2 vaccines strategies: a comprehensive review of phase 3 candidates Artículos 2021 Chile
Global urban environmental change drives adaptation in white clover Artículos 2022 España
Class-Balanced Active Learning for Image Classification. Bengar, J. Z., van de Weijer, J., Fuentes, L. L., & Raducanu, B. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
In Vitro Hypoglycemic and Anti-Inflammatory Potential and Toxicity of Powders from Pulp and by-Products of Ziziphus mistol from Argentina Artículos 2022 Argentina
State-of-the-Art Using Bibliometric Analysis ofWind-Speed and -Power Forecasting Methods Applied in Power Systems Artículos 2022 España
An overview of the most influential journals in fuzzy systems research Artículos 2022 Mexico
Meriles et al.(2022).Compositional characteristics, texture, shelf-life and sensory quality of... International Journal of Food Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1111/ijfs.15303 Artículos 2022 Argentina
Palinoteca forense de la División Química Legal, Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Artículos 2022 Argentina
Editorial: Rising stars in virus and host: 2022 Artículos 2022 Chile
Bringing Federated Semantic Queries to the GIS-Based Scenario Artículos 2022 España
Deep Layout Extraction Applied to Historical Postcards. García, B., Moreno, B., Vélez, J. F., & Sánchez, Á. Artículos 2022 Ecuador
Darrieus turbine for applications in Urban Environments Artículos 2022 España
Covariance Logarithmic Aggregation Operators in Decision-Making Processes Artículos 2022 Mexico
Genetic polymorphisms and plasma concentrations of leptin (rs7799039) and adiponectin (rs17300539) are associated with obesity in children and adolescents Artículos 2022 Chile
Spatio-temporal variability of turbid freshwater plumes in the Inner Sea of Chiloé, northern Patagonia Artículos 2022 España