CYTED's main objective is to contribute to the harmonious development of the Ibero-American region through cooperation mechanisms that seek scientific and technological results, transferable to production systems and social policies. The beneficiaries of CYTED financing instruments may be universities, R&D centres and innovative corporations in member countries.
The CYTED Programme also answers the calling to act as a bridge for interregional cooperation in Science and Technology between the European Union and Latin America.
CYTED was created in 1984 through an Interinstitutional Framework Agreement signed by 21 countries of Spanish and Portuguese language. Since 1995, the CYTED Programme has been formally included among the Cooperation Programmes of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.


The specific goals of the CYTED Programme are:

  • Encouraging the integration of the Ibero-American Scientific and Technological Community, promoting an agenda of shared priorities for the region.

  • Strengthening the technological development capacity of Ibero-American countries through the promotion of joint scientific research, the transfer of knowledge and techniques, and the exchange of scientists and technologists among R&D+i groups in the member countries.

  • Promoting the participation of business sectors from member countries interested in innovation processes, in accordance with the research and technological developments of the Ibero-American Scientific and Technological Community.

  • Promoting the participation of researchers from the Region in other multilateral research programmes through agreements for this purpose.